Robin and Johan

We’re a husband and wife team with a passion for sustainable farming and animal welfare. We met while living in Squamish BC and fell in love with each others zest for life and learning. While Robin’s passion for farming and animals had been life long Johan had only seen a glimpse of farm life while spending time on the Squamish farm, and after moving in together Johan caught the farming bug. Over the past number of years we nerded out together at farming conferences, built up our farm and started a small egg and vegetable CSA program within the Squamish community. As our passions for farming grew the reality of the day to day work in our off farm jobs became a chore, we truly wanted to give this whole farming thing a shot. So naturally, as one would, with the realities of never being able to buy land in the Squamish and  surrounding areas it only seemed to make the most sense to move to the family farm in Buffalo Creek, BC, and so here we are at Big Rock Ranch learning all about what it is to be a Cariboo Farmer.

BodieBodie is our 5 year old Border Collie x Husky/Lab mix. Just a big ball of fun this guy is. Sure knows how to keep you busy with sticks, balls and the like. He grew up w Robin, chickens, cats, dogs, horses and rabbits, so he’s no stranger to the farm life, and well behaved at that. He’s also a good reminder to take joy in the simplest things in life, like getting up and meeting the day with smiles, how much fun it is to go for walks and even more if the horses are involved. Fun times all around.




Meeka is new lovely addition to the farm. She’s a 15 year old Morgan Quarter Horse cross mare who steals the show with her absolute sweet cuddly nature. She shines when developing on her bridle horse development with Robin and loves a hack out on the trails.






IMG_6800Drinian is our lovely 18 year old Fjord gelding who rocks at life! These fjords are as solid as they come, truly it seems nothing phases this lovely creature and he just rocks on the trails and bushwhacking.. We’ve gotten to know Drinian since having him come to the farm in September 2015 and he’s won us over with his snuggly, solid nature and silliness, a farm favourite by far <3





JustinJustin is Robin’s pride and joy. He’s an 12 year old morgan quarter horse cross with oh so many stories, a true sensibility and a deep wisdom. He’s taught Robin a lot in life and she looks forward to deepening their connection and story together. Currently he’s off being a horse in a big herd at The Rock’n Star Ranch.





And here’s to our lovely flock of laying hens and our handsome rooster who takes such great care of the hens. Our layers are a mixed heritage flock of Amerucanas, Olive Eggers, French Copper Marans, Black Australops, Buff Orpingtons, Black Sex Links, Rhode Island Reds, and Barred Rocks.