Whole Chicken (Deposit)


We sell heritage, pasture raised chickens whole at $6.50/lb. Our chickens are antibiotic free, humanely raised and non gmo fed. Whole roasters range in size from 3.5lbs to 6lbs and we ask for a $15 deposit to hold your chicken before pick up dates. Chickens are available early August 2019 . Book yours today, bulk orders welcome! PLEASE CALL TO ORDER YOUR CHICKEN

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Mistral Gris

Our breed of birds are Mistral Gris, which are a great alternative chicken breed from your typical cornish cross. They were bred from Barred Rocks and several other heritage breeds using old-fashioned breeding techniques — no genetic modifications, and no ‘terminal’ genes, raised for their amazing flavour, full breast, strength and health. They’re raised on pasture 24/7 within a mobile set up, protected from predators and the elements where they’re moved onto fresh pasture weekly, have 24/7 access to non gmo feed and get to enjoy life as a chicken foraging, eating grass and enjoying sun bathes. Our pasture raised chickens produce a healthier, happier choice compared to industrially barn raised chickens. Pastured chicken is higher in Omega-3s, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Our chickens are free of hormones, antibiotics, humanely raised, enjoy loads of fresh pasture and sunlight. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER CHICKEN