If theres one thing I really quite enjoy on the farm it’s being greeted to the day with these two monkeys..




I love getting up to their big happy grins excited for the new day. Lately my usual winter mornings start off with making a fire, boiling some water for tea, heading out to feed the horses and then hitting the road for our morning walk before breakfast. These two get so amped up about walks it cracks me up, and my favourite part of all is watching old man Olie get his morning wiggle on. (I’ll get some video of that one day)

I feel inspired to write about our walks together as I find it be be a great start to a day, like a morning meditation. I get my body moving and blood circulating, I clear my mind of the negative thoughts that start brewing and I just find presence in the moment.  I listen to the breeze rustling the leaves, the calls of the morning birds, and my mind lets go. I’m able to focus on my breath each step I take and my body softens. I find I’m then able to  start thinking about the day ahead with a clear mind, and it gives me great enthusiasm for the day ahead..

Hello Oliver  Dog Bums  Magee Road


Not to mention the dogs let me get out and see all that life has to offer, and I’m truly grateful for this gift <3