Well it’s been a hot minute since I last updated our website and blog, and to say its been busy would be an understatement. We’ve been up to so much on the farmstead we’ve barely had a minute to sit back and take it all in, although we’re definitely learning to. In January we said our farewell to a friends horse who joined us in the beginning of our journey at Elaho, and welcomed a new lovely face who Johan’s come to rename Annabel.

Annabel NewAnnabelAnnabel

What a gem of a horse she is, looking forward to getting to know her more over the years, such a sweet soul with this one <3

Since February we’ve been getting up to oh so many things. The boys and I built a second horse shelter in record time, 2 days to be exact, and we decided to go with 3 bays this time! Check it out!

New Shelter 1New Shelter 2 New Shelter 10New Shelter 11

Johan built his sauna house, which has turned into being the tool shed for the time being. An orange door to suit his favourite colour.

Base ShedBaseShed

Shed Roff 1Shed WallsShed Finished

We fixed up the old shed and turned it into a chicken coop.

Old CoopChicken CoopChicken Coop.

We even built 2 new garden beds, brought in fill and planted them.

Garden BedsGarden BedBeds

A coworker started way to many tomato seeds and I was blessed with these beauties.

New Tomato SeedlingsTomatoes

And we brought the blueberry bushes back to life.

Blueberry BushesBlueberries

And somehow we even managed to get the round pen built and running, new boards up in the horse field and find sometime to sit back and take in the beauty that is ; )

Pulling back the grassFinished round penRound PenFencingFencing