When farmers say spring is one of the busiest times of year for them they sure aren’t lying. We’ve barely had a minute to rest, but I believe its all in good fun! This past week we finally finished the chicken coop string to keep the predator birds out, and now the little ones can go enjoy the fresh air and warm sunshine on their backs..

Finished Chicken Coop Chicks

I managed to plant some wildflowers, sunflowers and tulips around the studio and coop, looking forward to those beauties pooping up.

Garden BedGate

We finally got the right hardware for the remaining gate and installed it, woo hoo!

And we had at the garden this week and got the zucchini mounds done and the potato beds in and planted




Johan even got the compost covered and looking good! And the veggie babies are starting to spring and grow strong!

Babies 3Babies 2Babies 1

Last, but not least we got our delivery of hay! Things are starting to look sharp around here.. A couple last things to finish over the coming weeks before things settle down. How about that vacation?