The gardens are raging in all their glory now, beautiful buds, so much green and even the oh so edible bits! We’ve had the driest, warmest spring the coast has seen in years, and yet a part of me really can’t complain. Feels like the interior these days, however this land and all its greenery are really needing the rains back, no matter how much I curse those rains during the winter months.



Well I’m not going to lie, even though the gardens looking great I’ve never experienced such a bombardment of slugs in all the years I’ve gardened, feeling like survival of the fittest around here. Had to put a barrier up around the raised beds, go out at dusk/periodically throughout the night to find all the slimy critters and get rid of the infestation. So far between the two we’ve managed to bring the numbers down, not without loosing a few starts. Alas such is the farm life.