Well to say it was a busy summer would be an understatement at best. Between trying to pull 60-70hr weeks at work (oh the glorious film world), I also came home on my time off and tended to the farm and garden. I wouldn’t be lying if I said I wished I chose the later for a regular day to day, but the bills needed to be paid and animals needed to be fed 😉 The 2-5 year plan is to move full time onto the farm and get a good start happening on the farmstead, growing local organic food for the Squamish community, hosting guests here on the farm in our tiny home B&B, raising free range happy chickens and pigs, and having a couple more horses join our herd. Our mission is to bring the people, the animals, and our food back to their roots, quite literally. Where the animals are free to roam as they so should, food is grown as much to its natural environment as possible and for us to come back to our relationship with the water we use, the food we eat, the power we pull and where our waste goes. Having more of a true relationship in whole, where everyone can come and be a part of it all, and so be immersed in this gorgeous place we call home. We look forward to sharing this dream with those near and far and hope you’ll join us in the not too distant future. In the meantime here’s some photos of this summer, the animals, gardens, and the tiny home well on its way to a cozy little nest <3

IMG_4524           IMG_4644

IMG_4676 IMG_4717

IMG_7670 IMG_7682

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