As things settle down, the rain starts and the leaves change colour, we get ready for the slow fall back of autumn. Theres a certain calmness that comes with autumn, after the busy ramped up summer times soaking up the rays and rocking the gardens, come a stillness, we watch the leaves drop from their branches, the air becomes crisp and sweet, and the ever so vibrant gardens start to settle back down and into the earth for yet another season. It’s a time for reflection and stillness, a time to look back at the year gone by and a time to give yourself a good pat on the back for all you’ve accomplished, or at least that what I like to do. I enjoy the scarves, the layers, cozy sweaters and warming myself by the fire; the hot chocolate, the freshness in the air and those big fuzzy coats the horses start to grow. It’s also a great time to curl up by the crackling fire with a good book and a hot cup of tea, while the pups snooze at your feet, and in so doing I intend to take full use of this time to brush up on my skills and get some good books out from the library.

 romantic-fire-burning-fireplace horses-nuzzle-winter

  I’m hoping to learn up on my pig keeping skills as we’d like to add some berkshire pigs to the farm this coming year, I’m also looking forward to finishing the final details to the tiny home and last but not least getting some time in at the many great farmer conferences that happen in BC during the fall/winter seasons.




Stay tuned for more from the beautiful Squamish Valley that we call home.