So Johan and I have decided to take on another project in the oh so busy world of farming 😉

Mistal Gris1

   We’re going to try our hand at raising 25 grass fed free range meat birds. After spending the winter researching breeds and hatcheries, and not to mention enjoying listening to John Suscovich’s great podcast all about chicken farming and more, we got the itch to invest and try our hand at not only layers, but now meat birds. Seeing we feel strongly about our flocks having the upmost care and a good healthy upbringing we decided to go with Mistal Gris chicks from True North Farm. Mistral Gris take a little longer to mature but don’t deal with the horrid experience of being a hybrid broiler that grows at such a rate their bones and legs can not contain their own body weight and can end up breaking their legs or become unable to move, plus in staying with our heritage roots they meet the list of not being a hybrid commercial breed. Terra Firma Farms, in Revelstoke BC has a great write up on the Mistral Gris bird and we intend to follow a very similar set up to how we’ll raise our hens


We plan to pick them up as chicks at the end of March, raise them in our brooder until they feather out enough to move onto pasture and live in a secured movable coop, just like John’s design here: Chicken Tractors, where they can roam and eat grass as natured intended. Terra Firma Farms, in Revelstoke BC has a great write up on their blog on the Mistral Gris bird, interesting to see we’ll be following a very similar set up to theirs. Stay tuned for photos and updates!

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